Bali The Tourist Hub of Indonesia

Imagine a place where culture meets nature in the most elegant manner. What you imagined is called Bali. This fantastic place has made a name for itself in the tourist community because of its historical significance. It is home to alluring temples and palaces, giving it a unique vibe, unlike any other. Tanah Lot and Bedugul Temple are one of Bali’s most critical iconic landmarks, famed for its sunset view.

But it’s not only about temples and beautiful scenery. Bali boasts remarkable cultural show such as Kecak Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple and Barong dance. Besides that, Kintamani Volcano mountain, Ubud and Tirta Empul Temple, also known as Tampak Siring making it even more desirable tourism spot. Next, the most beautiful beaches in Bali area are Kuta, Pandawa, Seminyak, and Jimbaran. Among the best is Jimbaran beach candle Light dinner at sunset. Enjoy the spectacular view and cultural dance performance during your dinner. Find out 55 Best Things to Do in Bali (Indonesia)

What to Do in Bali:

Bali has something for everyone. It provides the perfect atmosphere to art enthusiasts through its sophisticated art forms. In addition to being a haven for art lovers, it also acts as a magnet for adventure seekers. There are many places like Ubud, known for Bali Swing, that will give your inner adventurer a hard kick. On top of all that, stunning architecture and great people will make your vacations even more fun than you initially anticipated. The cuisine here is in its class. Such as Indian, Chinese, Arabic, and Western and tourists can never forget the taste of their kitchen.

Where to stay in Bali:

There is thousand of hotel property and villa available in Bali but not all the suitable for travelers to visit. Selection of Location is an essential decision while you stay in Bali.


Bali is the ideal spot for tourists for various reasons, one being its festivities. But you want to be at the right place, at the right time to enjoy these festivities. Galungan, a festival that celebrates the victory of dharma over adharma, is celebrated here.

There are other local events that you can also enjoy. Most of these events held in the summer season as bellow:-

  • Bali Spirit Festival
  • Ubud Food Festival
  • Semarapura Festival Klungkung
  • Pesta Kesenian Bali. This way, you can enjoy your vacations and see its colorful festivities at the same time.

If you are weather conscious, you would want to visit between July and August.
All in all, Bali is the perfect tourist spot in Indonesia that gives you the calmness of nature and adventure of living in an excellent package. You get to enjoy the local culture and heritage of Bali with an informative guided tour. So what are you waiting for, visit Bali Now? Check it out our travel tips to Bali here.

Bali Kecak Dance - Uluwatu Temple
Bali Kecak Dance - Uluwatu Temple
Bali Tanah Lot Temple
Bali Tanah Lot Temple
Bali Tirta Empul Temple
Tirta Empul Temple
Ubud Kintamani Tour Package (1)
Ubud Kintamani Tour Package (1)
What documents one must carry while visiting Bali?

Of course, you need a valid Passport at least 6-months validity and no criminal record.

What sort of climate can I find in Bali?

Tropical Climate but you can enjoy the daylight sunset

Do I need to apply for visa to visit Bali or is it visa on arrival?

Malaysian not required a visa to visit Indonesia- Bali

How can I reach Bali from Malaysia?

By flight Only. Frequent flight daily route Air Asia, Malindo and Malaysian Airlines