Kerala Honeymoon destination to Relish the Most Exciting Days of Your Life

Premium Houseboat Kerala Honeymoon, one night couple to stay

Kerala Honeymoon destination to Relish the Most Exciting Days of Your Life

No doubt, Kerala Honeymoon destinations is one of the favorite places in mind for newly married couples. It is a sacred bond made of love between two people? We agree, there are no two ways about it. If you are thinking of strengthening your bond with a honeymoon, we’ve got the best recommendation in India, Kerala State. 

Are you excited yet? We are, too.
In our experience of service honeymoon packages to couples from around the world, Kerala honeymoon has always topped our charts.

Affectionately called God’s Own Country, Kerala is a unique, affecting and mesmerizing place to spend the best times of your life with your better half.
Let’s see some of the places in Kerala that are highly sought-after for a honeymoon in Kerala;

One of the most sought-after hill stations in India, Munnar is the quintessential honeymoon destination for decades now. From its chilly weather to jaw-dropping natural beauty, incredible landscapes, and valleys that mesmerize you to stop breathing, Munnar will leave you surprises, rejuvenated, and all the more romantic.

If you are looking to have a honeymoon of a lifetime with an experience that is unique and extraordinary, Alleppey is the place to have it, and more. Save yourself from the hustle bustle in a houseboat floating on the fabled backwaters of Alleppey with your loved one at your side. Behold the picturesque views surrounding you, get a good catch of local fish, and enjoy a unique Kerala cuisine while floating across the backwaters glimpsing sundown and ups like never before.

Unlike most other tourist destinations, Wayanad is impeccable, pristine, and untouched in more ways than one. Therefore, in Wayanad, you can observe the natural beauty in its original vibe and feel. Adorned by the greenery of the Western Ghats, exceptional waterfalls, and hilly ranges and unbeaten paths, Wayanad will surely stay in your mind afresh for a long while.

If you favor a jungle-themed honeymoon, then head over to Thekkady. As the place is the home to the country’s largest Tiger Reserve-Periyar, you are sure to have a time of your life relishing the wilderness and jungle life in close quarters.

Perhaps the most famous beach among international visitors in Kerala, Kovalam is a must-visit beach in Kerala. Since Kovalam is a unique combination of three beaches—Lighthouse, Hawah, and Samudra—each distinct in their own style, vibe, and nature, honeymooners make it a point to spend quality time in Kovalam. 

Famed for its forts and beaches, Bekal can offer you an old-time vibe with its classic housing and living style. A little worn off, the ambiance of the place will remind you off the colonial era giving you a sense of going back in time. The calms and serene beaches with long stretches of sandy paths, it is time to stay surprised at Bekal

These are some of the best gems of places in Kerala that you can roam about with your loved ones while on a honeymoon in Kerala.

With our expertise in the domain creating impeccable itineraries to create the most beautiful memories of your life with your better half, we can weave and knit customized Kerala honeymoon and tour packages for you.

Our satisfaction is when we see you enjoy, relish, and immerse yourself in the unmatched celestial experiences that we helped create with your loved one. Hence, it is in your satisfaction, glee, and delight that our joy gets unlocked. 

For more, talk to our client relations time. We are all ears.

The 10 Best Bali Tours, Excursions & Activities | D Asia Travels

Bali is a holiday destination that offers it all! From breathtaking temples to scenic natural landscapes, pristine beaches and vibrant culture, tourists have a lot to look forward to on a Bali holiday. Here’s a roundup of the 10 best bali tours, excursions and activities in Bali that we offer at D Asia Travels. Take a look at these tours and book your holiday experience with us in just a few clicks. Here we have listed the important place you need to visit while  you are in Bali. Please get our Bali propose itinerary to make a perfect plan on your visit. Tailor make itinerary available upon request. Here we have listed Ten unforgettable tour places for your consideration.

  • Bali Full Day Tour
  • Whitewater River Rafting
  • Excursion to Taman Ayun, Tanah Lot and Monkey Forest
  • East Coast Tour
  • Sunset Dinner Cruise
  • Lembongan Island Leisure Day Trip
  • Dolphin Cruise
  • Buggy Ridding and Quat Biking
  • Tour to Ubud
  • Best of Bali Waterfall’s

Bali Full Day Tour

The best way to experience Bali’s natural beauty – this full day tour will take you through some of the most scenic locations in Bali. From plantation walks to village visits and a trip to the majestic volcano, this full day tour will certainly give you a good taste of Bali’s amazing beauty.

Whitewater River Rafting

If you’re into adventure sports and outdoor activities, take an exhilarating river rafting ride on Bali’s Ayung River. Plenty of exciting obstacles, lazy pools and waterfalls are featured in this thrilling course of the river rapids. Not to mention the amazing nature views of the valley alongside. This 5-hour river rafting experience is not to be missed out on!

Excursion to Taman Ayun, Tanah Lot and Monkey Forest

There’s no better way to experience Balinese heritage than by taking an excursion to Taman Ayun, Tanah Lot and the Monkey Forest. The historical temple complexes and natural gardens of royal Taman Ayun temple are sure to leave you spellbound. The Tanah Lot is Bali’s most iconic sea temple where you’ll get to witness breathtaking views of the sunset. And you’ll also get to witness playful primates at the Kedaton Monkey Forest which also lies in the vicinity.

Bali East Coast Tour

A private tour which will allow you to get up and close with Bali’s most secluded regions, the East Coast Tour is one worth taking. You’ll discover exotic fruits, spices and visit grand temples on this tour. Set along the slopes of an active volcano, Mt. Agung, this tour will take you through some of the most ancient and sacred sites in Bali.

Bali Sunset Dinner Cruise

A romantic evening in Bali doesn’t get any better than this. This soothing cruise takes place off Bali’s southern coast where you’ll be treated to a serene landscape. Apart from the delicious dinner, there’s also live music, cabaret and a small disco to keep you entertained. Couples holidaying in Bali shouldn’t miss out on this wonderful cruise!

Lembongan Island Leisure Day Trip

If you’re in the mood of spending a leisurely day in Bali, take a day trip to Lembongan Island. One of the most popular islands in Bali, Lembongan Island offers plenty of things to see and do. From snorkelling to sea walks, kayaking to banana boat rides, there’s a lot to look forward to on this day trip. This day trip is a must if you’re holidaying with your family in Bali.

Bali Dolphin Cruise

The ocean waters surrounding Bali are filled with exotic tropical marine life, including dolphins. Take this cruise to get up close with the native dolphins of the region. The cruise takes place off the southern waters of Bali and starts early in the morning. Along with majestic sea dolphins, you’ll also be treated to picturesque ocean views.

Bali Buggy Riding and Quad Biking

Adrenaline junkies will love exploring Bali’s exotic rainforests on a buggy or quad bike. Located in Payangan in Central Bali, this tour explores muddy rice field tracks through forest surroundings. After you’ve had your fill of the forest, you can also enjoy a tubing excursion at the Siap River located nearby.

Bali Tour to Ubud

Ubud is one of Bali’s most artistic towns, and it is worth visiting. Home to Bali’s silversmiths and goldsmiths, Ubud boasts of vibrant cultural beauty. From mythical dance performances to jungle swings and scenic landscapes, there are plenty of activities you can take part in.

Best of Bali’s Waterfalls

All lovers of natural beauty must take this guided tour of Bali’s finest waterfalls. Each of the waterfalls featured in this tour – the Tibumana Waterfall, Tukad Cepung and Tengenuan Waterfall offer a unique experience. Make sure to bring your camera along!

So, go ahead and plan your Bali holiday – there’s absolutely no shortage of things to do! And, for all your tours and travel needs, look no further than us at D Asia Travels.

To book any of these tours or to find out more about our offerings in Bali, get in touch with us today!

Enjoy an Experience of Ecstasy of Maldive Island (Maldives Water Villa)

Maldives Water Villa

Do you believe in dreams? There is a beautiful saying which says, Dream it!! Wish it!! Do it!! That is what the Maldives water villa is all about. Visiting this beautiful destination is definitely like a dream come true. Even though there are no multi-interests to look forward, the just one attribute it offers and gives the visitor the maximum – an experience that one can only dream.

History of Maldive Island

Tourism began in the Maldives in the year 1972. Surprisingly in the year 1960. The United Nations visited the country with plans for development and decided that it was not suitable for tourism. They stated that the islands were not up to the required standard. In contrary, since its inception in 1972, the country is booming with Tourism. Today, their primary revenue is from this sector. Even employment is offered to both local and international citizens with a high percentage of foreign currency earnings.

The Maldives is made up of almost 1190 islands located in the Indian Ocean – on the southwest of India and the west of Sri Lanka.  Only about 200 islands have inhabitants, totaling about a population of 300,000. About 100 of the islands have been developed as hotels and resorts to meet the standards of high-end tourist expectations.

Geography and Climate

The islands in the Maldives is all flat land. There are no hills but mostly filled with coral sand. There are no rivers, but you may find some marshes on some of the islands. The country enjoys tropical weather right throughout the year, with plenty of sunshine which is one of the greatest attractions to tourism. However, the state has two seasons – the dry season and the rainy season which is from April to October. There can be heavy rains from June – August

Maldives Water Villa
Maldives Sand Bank

The Beauty

The Maldive Islands is also called the “The Tropical Paradise.” The beauty of these islands surrounded by the sea, and covered with pristine white sands is beyond what words can explain. Visiting the Maldives water villa and enjoying all that it has offerred is a lovely and memorable experience.

In the study of tourism, one of the main attractions is the 3Ss – Sun, Sand, and Sea. If there is one location where a tourist can enjoy its maximum beauty, it is the Maldive Islands. The sea covers 99% of the island. It is this that brings out the beauty of the country and Maldives water villa – natural beauty. There is said to be over 2000 species of fish of various kinds. The colors of these beauties and swimming aimlessly in the clear blue waters are mesmerizing. One has to see to believe!! For this reason, diving in the Maldives island memorable in your lifelong is said to be a dream come true.

Apart from diving and enjoying the underwater beauty, visitors can relish the pristine white sandy beaches of the Maldives water villa. Coconut trees found in plenty in here. It is a plant that grows well in tropical conditions. These trees enhance the beauty and ambiance of the island. One would find mostly shrubs, bushes and mangroves on the uninhabited islands.

The most common birds on these islands are mainly pelagic birds since it is mainly ocean. Some of them are migratory. The islands don’t attract many varieties because of the limited resources it has to offer.

Hospitality of Maldives Water Villa

The resorts and the hotels on the islands offer the best services for visitors. An exclusive hotel located on one whole island. Thus the population of the island consists of only tourists and the employees. The resorts come with all of the up-market quality and they include everything that for a vacation. The fact that tourists will stay their whole vacation on the island, the hotels make sure that nothing is left out. Hotel animation is at its maximum. A visitor will never be bored as there is so much to divulge. Indoor and outdoor games, discos, bars, lounges, coffee shops, restaurants serving various cuisines, diving schools, and much more.

Maldives Water Villa
Maldives Dolhin Cruise

The suites and rooms of these hotels and resorts offer the most outstanding views at Maldives water villa. Waking up to such an amazing scenic beauty is a dream. For those who would like to enjoy some adventure, the hotels offer seaplane rides to other islands. Some even provide a picnic day out which enhances the experience of the vacation.

The Maldive Islands is a popular choice of destination for honeymooners. They offers excellent services to make this event a memorable, once in a lifetime happening. Candlelight dinner is arranged by beaches or in the gardens of the hotel. Its romanticizing effects of dining under the stars, listening to the lapping sounds of the waves and maybe some soft music played in the background, makes it a beautiful event for honeymooners.

Some Interesting Facts

  • One particular island called Dusit Thani Maldives features something exciting. During a specific time of the year, in the night, the beach around this island comes alight. It is a beautiful sight. It gives the effect of the starry sky against the waves of the sea. Some quote it as an unforgettable experience. If any visitor wishes to be a part of this spectacle, it is best they contact the hotel and get the correct timings.
  • Something interesting is that the drinking water in the Maldive Islands is recycled, treated and produced using a unique process which makes it perfect for drinking.
  • Resorts built above the sea floor, such as the overwater villas. Visitors can go snorkeling under the resort to enjoy the beauty of sea life. Some Maldives islands are concave, and this is something unique to snorkel underneath the island to view the layers of coral shelves.

In a nutshell, we can sum up the Maldive Islands with the 3 Es which was the topic of this article – Enjoy!! Experience!! Ecstasy!!

The Fantasy Island of Indonesia- Bali

Fantasy Island of Indonesia

Bali – Before Travel You Need to Know About The Fantasy Island of Indonesia

 Bali Introduction
Bali is a beautiful island by itself. It is now a popular tourist destination. This fantasy island of Indonesia takes pride in its amazing attractions, places
to visit and things to do. It is has been named as the world’s top destination. Tour operators take great efforts to combine interesting and thrilling excursions so that visitors will enjoy every moment of their Bali Tour.

Take time to browse through our exciting and stimulating itineraries which offer an unforgettable tour of this fantasy island of Indonesia- Bali. These itineraries are designed carefully to offer different types of activities. These activities will include sight-seeing, excursions, entertainment, relaxation and much more. Tour operators will include the information given below in their meticulously planned “Top Best Bali Tours.”

Places of Interest to visit in The Fantasy Island of Indonesia- Bali

Tanah Lot Temple

Fantasy Island of Indonesia

One of the reasons Bali is so popular is because of this wonderful spectacle – the Tanah Lot Temple. This temple is situated in the sea. Its magnificence is enhanced by the scenic beauty of the ocean. This ancient Hindu temple is situated on top of a rock and it is a “must see” in a Bali Tour. The surrounding area of the Temple has resting places to enjoy the views and to allow this amazing scenery to sink in, restaurants, shops selling artefact and much more.


Besakih Temple

Fantasy Island of IndonesiaThe Besakih Temple, another Hindu Temple is located on the slopes of Mount Agung, on a height of 1000 meters. The temple is also known as the ‘Mother Temple’ of Bali. It is unique as it has about 86 temples in the complex. Besakih Temple is regarded as the biggest and holiest temples in Bali. A beautiful scenery of lush paddy fields, streams, hills and mountains inspires tour operators to add this place of interest in a Bali Tour so that visitors will not miss this important place of interest.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Fantasy Island of Indonesia

Udub Monkey Forest which is also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal. It is a location which is used for scientific research. It is the sanctuary for the grey long-tailed macaques. The walk through this forest, mingling with the friendly, playful monkeys who look out for a banana treat is cool and comforting. An interesting attraction of the forest are the beautiful ancient temples and their guardian statues which are mostly covered with moss. That’s why; there is something wonderful to see at this place. A day trip to Udub and its attractions should not be missed on the tour of this fantasy island of Indonesia (Bali). 


Uluwatu Temple

Fantasy Island of Indonesia

Another of Bali’s important sea temples, which is located right on a cliff edge of the southwestern part of the Bukit peninsula. A visit to this temple in the evening will be the best choice to watch the sunset which changes the entire ambiance of the temple’s setting. Thereafter, visitors can enjoy beautiful the Kecak fire dances at the open amphitheatre. A splendid way to end a day in Bali which can be found in many Bali tour itineraries.

Taman Ayun

Fantasy Island of IndonesiaThe Taman Ayun temple is located in the village of Mengwi Badung. This is another popular temple and most visited on a Bali Tour. It is very large, featuring large landscapes of gardens and beautiful water features. The temple has four divisions, all different to each other, and it boasts of beautiful traditional architectural inspirations.


Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Fantasy Island of Indonesia A visit to the rice terraces of Tegallalang on the trip of Ubud is also very interesting. The stretches of paddy growing on the slopes are noteworthy. Rice is considered as a staple diet in many countries and not many visitors have an opportunity to see how it is grown. To have this included in an itinerary on a Bali Tour is very educational, especially for children. Tour operators can conveniently add it into the day trip to Ubud.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Fantasy Island of Indonesia For the lovers of animals, tour operators would want to include this place of interest into the Bali tour itineraries. This is Bali’s largest animal theme park, home to over 60 different species of animals. They are seen to roam freely in large enclosures to depict their natural habitats. The park has about 40 hectares of land. The marine park has a large aquarium which is home to baby sharks. Visitors are found travelling with children. You will enjoy this place of interest.


Things to Do in The Fantasy Island of Indonesia-Bali


Beaches of Bali

Bali is the destination where visitors can enjoy all the ‘Ss’ in Tourism – sun, sea, sand, soak, and surf. It is a must to have a few days by the beach on a Bali Tour (The Fantasy Island of Indonesia). Visitors should not miss the beach excitement as well as the “life after sunset” on the coastal towns of Bali. Tour operators very generously offer days and time for visitors to enjoy all the beach activities on their Bali tour.

Trek to Mount Batur

Adventure lovers would enjoy the trek to Mount Batur to watch the sunrise. It is a volcanic mountain and has turned out to be a popular activity for climbers.

Whitewater rafting on the Ayung River

Bali is very popular for water sports. Amongst the many different sports, an exciting trip on the Ayung River. It will be something never to forget for water sports lovers. The ride is wild because of the strong rapids. An added attraction is the beautiful sights along the ride. Many itineraries cover this activity too.

Nightlife in Bali

After sunset, nightlife takes over in Bali, catering to a wide range of choices for visitors offering a variety of styles and budgets. Visitors can choose what they savour. The beaches become a hive of activity at sunset with exciting beach clubs where visitors can chill-out into the wee hours of the night. Live DJs, theatre shows, thrilling dinner cruises, rooftop bars are some the electrifying events in the nightlife of Bali.



Bali is a shopping paradise, taking pride in promoting their authentic artefacts which are renowned worldwide. Some of them are various types of handicrafts, antiques, daintily designed carved jewellery, unique homeware, wooden sculptures and so much more. Souvenirs from Bali can be recognized all over the world for its uniqueness. The island is also famous for hand-woven and dyed fabrics. Never will one find a visitor who will leave this fantasy island of Indonesia without some beautiful souvenirs or fabric.

The above is just a gist of Bali. The places of interest and thing to do are listless. Many Tour & Travel companies offer a bid range of itineraries for Bali Tours that include all that Bali offers.

Thus, quite rightly, Bali is called the Island of Gods.

Malaysia is a Tropical Paradise

Malaysia – A Tropical Paradise

Are you an adventure seeker? A foodie? A history buff? A nature lover? Or looking for a romantic getaway? Malaysia has it all. This tropical paradise is the perfect destination to fulfill anyone’s idea of a dream holiday.

Breathtaking Islands
is blessed with many exotic islands – from the islands in the west coast of the Peninsular like Penang and Langkawi that offer diverse cultural and gastronomical experience, to the remote islands in the east coast such as Perhentian, Redang, and Tioman that are more laidback and serene. Not to forget the stunning islands in Borneo, many of which are listed among the most beautiful islands in the world. Sipadan, Mabul, Gaya and Pom Pom are just some of the many quintessential islands in Borneo that boasts a stunning view of the turquoise ocean, white sandy beaches, swaying palms as well as fascinating coral and marine lives.

Mesmerising Highlands
For those seeking respite from the tropical weather, Malaysia has cool highland townships that offer the refreshing retreat. Each township gives a different kind of experience to the visitors. Genting Highland is famously known for its indoor and outdoor theme parks and is a perfect spot for a family getaway. Bukit Tinggi, which is just a stone’s throw away from Genting Highlands, will welcome you with a replica of the Colmar village in France and as you go higher, you will be greeted with a scenic view of Japanese-themed garden.

Cameron Highlands, on the other hand, is Malaysia’s largest hill-station that is best known for its extensive tea plantations and strawberry farms. In Fraser’s Hill, you can go bird-watching, jungle tracking, and horse riding while enjoying the quiet atmosphere of this untouched township. Across the South China Sea, lies the charming Kinabalu Park, Malaysia’s first World Heritage site that boasts a wide array of flora and fauna. The main attraction of Kinabalu Park is, of course, the highest peak in Malaysia – Mount Kinabalu.

Tropical Rainforests
Malaysia’s rainforests are believed to be some of the oldest and most biologically diverse in the world. In fact, Conservation International recognizes Malaysia as one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world. The country has lowland and highland rainforests, peat swamp forests and mangrove forests among others. Due to its topographic variation, Malaysia’s rainforests host a wide range of flora and fauna.

The Taman Negara, Pahang alone is home to a whopping 14,000 species of plants, 200 mammals and 240 types of trees. Some of the rare species of flora and fauna found in Malaysia are the Malayan Tiger, Sumatran rhinoceros, Malayan Tapir, Malayan Pangolin, Leatherback Sea Turtle, Bornean Orang Utan, Proboscis Monkey, Rhinoceros Hornbill, Rafflesia and Large-leaved Pitcher Plant. Apart from Taman Negara, among the top national parks in Malaysia include Bako, Gunung Mulu, Niah and Gunung Gading in Sarawak; Kinabalu Park, Crocker Range Park and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in Sabah; and Endau-Rompin, Gunung Ledang and Mersing in the Peninsular.

Bustling Cities
In the midst of the reefs, rainforests and mountains lies bustling cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Georgetown, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Ipoh, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia is a picture of modernization and grandeur. Standing tall in the city center is the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin structure in the world.

Putrajaya is the country’s federal administrative center where all the government offices are located. The city is well-planned with more than a quarter of the area reserved for green spaces. Georgetown and Johor Bahru are two other major cities that are the reflection of ‘modern Malaysia’.  Melaka and Ipoh are relatively smaller cities and have a good balance of modern and traditional elements. The Bornean counterpart, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu will give you a whole new experience. In spite of the mushrooming buildings and complexes, these two cities still maintain its greeneries.

For shopaholics, you can shop till you drop in these bustling cities of Malaysia that have both luxury malls that sell designer goods as well as bazaars and night markets for cheaper and more localized alternatives.

Historical Marvels
In the early days, Malaysia was an important port of call on the trade route between India and China and was a part of the international spice route.  This plus the colonization and invasion of the Portuguese, Dutch, British, and Japan as well as the presence of various religions have greatly influenced its culture and heritage. From its architecture to its people and food, Malaysia’s diversity is apparent in every corner of the country.

In Penang, the British influence in its architecture is the most imposing and the buildings in Malacca are very much influenced by the Portuguese and the Dutch. Meanwhile, Kedah, Perak, Pahang, Terengganu, Sabah, and Sarawak are among the states that house many archaeological sites.

Unity in Diversity
Being a cultural melting pot, Malaysia boasts a harmonious mix of people. Apart from the three major races in the country, namely the Malays, Chinese and Indian, there are myriad of indigenous ethnic groups, especially in Sabah and Sarawak. There are also many people of mixed-races including the Eurasians and the Kristang people (people of mixed Portuguese and Malacca descent). Islam is the official religion of the country with the freedom to practice other religions. The rich mix of ethnicity and religions is vividly displayed through various colorful celebrations throughout the year.

Gastronomic Experience
The rich culture and history of Malaysia have obviously contributed to the variety of mouth-watering cuisines in every corner of the country. Each state offers unique food; from laksam in Kelantan, to Char Kuey Teow in Penang, Masak Lemak Cili Api in Negeri Sembilan and Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak in Pahang, the burst of taste will leave you craving for more. Other must taste food in Malaysia include nasi lemak, roti canai, thosai, roti jala, yong tau foo and the list can go on and on. If you want a change of taste, there are many restaurants that offer food from all over the world. From Western to Japanese, Korean, Sudanese, Arabic, Vietnamese, you name it and we can point a place for you to savor the flavors.

Are you feeling the excitement to explore this unique country? Don’t wait any longer. We have a wide-range of tour packages that can fulfill your idea of a perfect holiday. Book your tour with us today!

10 Best Things to Do in Krabi, Thailand

The Womanizer Tourist – Krabi Thailand

Thailand is the number one tourist location in South East Asia, and it is easy to see why. Best known for its breath-taking beaches, its stunning temples and the modern urban sprawl that is Bangkok, it is a country where getting bored is just not an option.

From the moment you step off the plane to the time you leave you will be surrounded by some of the friendliest, down to earth and genuine people that you could want to meet. It’s easy to see why Thailand is often called the ‘Land of Smiles’.

The problem for any visitor to Thailand is narrowing down your list of things to do, there are countless attractions and hot spots I could put on this list but I narrowed it down to the top 25 things to do in

  1. First Time in Krabi
  2. Where Should I Stay in Krabi
  3. Where to go in Krabi
  4. Island Near Krabi
  5. What to see in Krabi
  6. Tour & Activities
  7. 3 Most Popular Tours in Krabi
  8. Where to eat in Krabi
  9. Where to Shop
  10. Where to go at Nights

krabi hong island tour

The Island of Serendipity Sri Lanka | The Islands of Sri Lanka

Islands of Sri Lanka

The Island of Serendipity Sri Lanka

This article introduces Sri Lanka as “The Island of Serendipity”.  To make it simple the meaning of Serendipity is, “something unplanned but was a fortunate discovery”. Thus, we have the perfect title for this beautiful touristic destination. For the traveller who does not plan too much, takes an instant decision on the choice of a destination and is happy with the discovery – SRI LANKA!! Tour Operators have taken an effort to put together elaborate itineraries that will include the best in a tour of Sri Lanka

Places of Interest to visit in Sri Lanka

The ancient cities of Sri Lanka
A visit to the cities with the ancient ruins of Sri Lanka will depict the rich cultural history of the island. The main cities will include Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya and Dambulla. Some of these cities have been declared as World Heritage sites. Visitors will adore the well-preserved ruins featuring an ancient Sri Lankan civilization. The monuments, temples, stupas, water tanks, abodes of kings and more are a ‘must see’ in the country. A Sri Lanka tour is not complete without a visit to the ancient cities.

Although this city is mentioned above, it is a trip by itself, as the itinerary will include the climb to the famous Rock Fortress, which needs a full day.  This place of interest is of great historical and archaeological significance to the country and was tipped to be the 8th wonder of the world. The climb of the rock is simply mesmerizing!

The Dalada Maligawa – Temple of the Tooth and Kandy City Tour
This temple is located in the city of Kandy, renowned all over the world as in it is enshrined the tooth relic of Lord Buddha. The Dalada Maligawa is the former palace of the last reigning Kandyan King, beautifully situated beside the lake in Kandy. The Sri Lanka tour will include a visit to the temple during the time of special poojas (offering), and should not be missed on an itinerary. Kandy is the last capital of the Kandyan Kingdom and has many interesting places to visit. The Royal Botanical Gardens is one of them, as well as a few ancient temples. Travel and Tour agencies include a comprehensive tour of this city.

 Elephant Orphanage
Sri Lanka is home to this magnificent animal. However, due to various situations in their natural habitats, the Department of Wildlife was compelled to have an orphanage. Today this is a great attraction to both local and foreign tourists. Tour operators include this in the itinerary carefully targeting the feed time, to give an experience of watching how the baby elephants are fed. If you are lucky, you will have a chance to feed one too!

Tea plantations and factory en route to Nuwara Eliya
Tea is one of the oldest exports of Sri Lanka. In the good old days “Ceylon Tea” was a name renowned all over the world. The country is still known to produce the best teas. Tour operators include this activity in their itineraries as visitors are fascinated to watch the process of tea making. Driving through the tea plantations is an unforgettable experience with a visit to the city of Nuwara Eliya.

Ancient temples and kovils
Being a country well known for its culture there are a number of Buddhist temples and Hindu kovils that have a long history behind them. Some Travel & Tour companies generously fit in a couple of visits to these religious places.

Galle Fort
Located in the south of Sri Lanka the Galle Fort was initially built in 1588 by the Portuguese who invaded the country. UNESCO has declared the Fort as a world heritage site and is a monument of great historical, architectural and archaeological value. Itineraries of the Sri Lanka tour will include this place of interest on the way to the beaches.

Things to do in Sri Lanka

Wild Life Safari
The island is home to a number of wildlife parks. Tour Operators include a safari into the itinerary to any one of these wildlife sanctuaries so that visitors can enjoy the fauna and flora as well. One of the most famous is the Yala National Park located in the south of Sri Lanka

The island is proud to have beautiful beaches on most of its coastal area. Whether the itinerary will include a southern or western beach or a north-eastern beach will depend on the time of travel, depending on the monsoon rains. However, either of them is exceptional. Luxury resorts, hotels and various accommodations are available. Tour Operators always include the few days on the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, before departure.

The Esala Perehera of Kandy
This magnificent pageant is held only once a year either in the month of July or August. It is one of the most popular and internationally known Buddhist traditions that is held in the city of Kandy. Today this pageant is a popular touristic phenomenon which brings in great numbers of visitors from all over the globe. This is a special event in Sri Lanka and Tour Operators organize special tours and itineraries to include the pageant.

Train Ride to Elle
Tour itineraries include the spectacular train ride which will take visitors into the mountains of Sri Lanka winding through amazing scenic tea plantations. The destination on the itinerary is the city of Elle although the train travels further. Elle is a little town which serves as a transit from the hill country to the other parts of the Island.


Celebrate a Traditional Wedding in the Islands of Sri Lanka


This is an activity chosen by the culture-driven tourist. The traditional weddings of Sri Lanka feature a royal dress from the groom and beautiful traditional saree with intricate jewellery of many chains and other ornaments for the bride. The rituals are very detailed with the couple having a special type of decorative stage where the marriage rites take place. Interestingly many foreign visitors decide to have this experience with their wedding. Hotels and resorts in the country offer this package and tour operators are more than willing to compile a special itinerary.



Without any doubt, the explanation – “something unplanned but a fortunate discovery” is exactly what Sri Lanka is all about. There is so much that could be done, with the minimum of travel, and all found in one little island in the Indian Ocean.

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