Come and join us exploring the  famous sea caves and Hongs of Thailand just off the coast of Phuket.  It is a pleasant hour long boat ride through the caves.

Paddling through sea caves
Circular openings of the caves are magnificent.
Emerge through the dark

The Sea kayaking experience is challegging when the caves become narrow and dark. But, you can feel the natural surroundings in the caves.

Keep on going!

Continuing to explore into a mangrove jungle and lime stone cliffs with the chirping sound of the forest. The prehistorically wall painting at Tham Pee Hua Toh also can be found here.

Wall painting

Experience the natural beauty and landscape of Krabi as you journey through mangrove forests and amazing scenery to visit ancient caves with stalactites and stalagmites.

Fisherman Village

“Be strong, O paddle!
Be brave, canoe!
The reckless waves
you must plunge into.
Reel, reel.
On your trembling keel,
But never a fear my craft will feel.”

Krabi Jungle Tour Emerald Pool

At first, we go for a visit at Krabi Tiger cave temple.


The highest survey platform of Krabi Tiger cave temple and before our look the remarkable kind on magnificence of the karstic mountains, created by the nature has opened in the millenia.

 Tiger Cave Temple is both a religious site and an archaeological site. Surrounded by mountains, caves, jungles, and forests, the temple is home and meditation center for Buddhist monks and nuns. Challenge yourself and walk up the 1,237 steps staircase to the summit of the temple.

Other path to the temple

Krabi’s natural attractions are not only islands and beaches. This tour bring you to ‘The Emerald Pool’ where you enjoy swimming and ‘Hot shower waterfall’ an ideal for Hydrotherapy bath.

Krabi Jungle Tour Emerald Pool

the path to emerald pool

Note : Jungle tour + tiger cave temple pick up time daily


Krabi Sunset Kayaking Ground Tour

Krabi Sunset Kayaking Ground Tour

Krabi’s Ao Thalane or Thalane Bay is one of the most beautiful mangrove forests in the whole of Thailand.

Although the kayaking is still fun at low tide and there are plenty of places to go, it is best at high tide when more of the mangrove system is open to explore.

Spend an afternoon paddling in the cool shade of the untouched Ao Thalane canyons.

“Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven.”

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Krabi Phi Phi Island Sea Caves Tour

Krabi Phi Phi Island Sea Caves Tour Package

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is the by far most wanted destination in Thailand.

Tour by speedboat to Phi phi Island

Once in the life to visit Phi Phi Island,it definately turns your vacations as names as a paradise on earth.

Warm water and cool breeze of the Andaman Sea.

The view of the dramatic marine scenery of limestone karsts rising from emerald waters.

The viking caves also fascinating. It has ancient painting on it.

View from the outside
View from the inside

 A must-visit when in Phi Phi Island is Maya Bay. This bay is enhanced with stunning, white sand beaches and beautiful sea creatures and sea water.

Maya Bay

The hidden bay of Ao Ling (Monkey Bay) is home to a colony of monkeys. Here you can find a lot of monkeys that you can feed them. Some of them might be a bit aggresive but not to worry because the boat only make a pit stop for a few minutes only.

Here comes the monkey

Hin Klang reef is probably the best snorkeling spot in the area. The huge underwater reef in the middle of the sea that is much shallower than you’d expected.

Hin Klang is the best spot for snorkeling

Bor Tor is a small coastal village at the ( Northern ) top of Phang Nga Bay. It is a bit closer to Krabi than Phuket. Limestone karst sits close to the pier, right in the back of the mangroves.

It is a beautiful experience that gives you the opportunity to paddle through the limestone, mangrove jungle. It is a very beautiful experience and it gives you enough time to spend in a very close proximity of nature.

There is a good concentration of smaller caves and “hongs” inside the main cavern that can be accessed by climbing up the wall using handholds made for that purpose.

Not to forget the  Than Bok Khorani National Park.

Than Bok Khorani National Park

Than Bok Khorani National Park is a rainforest situated in the valley in the midst of the mountains. It covers an abundance of natural trekking routes, waterfalls and mangrove forests.

On day 3 the tour options and the price cover as below:

– Elephant treeking for 2 hours( 1 hour ridding ,1 hours sightseeing at catfish farm ,no lunch serve.

Elephant trekking

James bond or Phang Nga Bay with canoeing and lunch

James Bond Tour

Hot spring, Emerald pool, Tiger cave temple or Jungle tour with lunch

Hong island tour with lunch

Hong Island Tour

Krabi 4 islands tour by speed boat

4 island tour by speedboat

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Welcome to Hong Island

Hong Island is the perfect escape for a good vacation. It is a wonderful island that is kept secret lagoons where you can find yourself to enjoy the view.

The tour spot are as below;

Deang Island

Deang Island

Lading Island: or Paradise-Lunch (Package), Relaxing and swimming.

The view from the beaches

or known as Paradise Island

Koh Lao Lading is also called Paradise Island, for good reason.

Hong Island

Its interior is home to a large lagoon (the “chamber” to which its Thai name “Hong” refers)

Hong Island’s Lagoon

Fantastic Lake Surrouned by mountains

Pakbia Island

Pak Bia Island is considered the best place for snorkeling and is famous for spectacular views of the neighboring islands. It is interesting to see how the sea waves have eroded the rocks and dug holes like caves through them. 

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“The beauty of the world makes us feel better.”



Kayaking through the mangrove with slow and steady

Kayaking in Krabi make it magnificant as the sightseeing around mangroves forest, limestone’s cliffs, ancient paintings and caves are well protected in the place area. 

In every place, however, you’ll be able to observe and see clearly the wildlife creatures.

Kayaking through Limestone cliff

Afternoon pick your choices of ATV, Tree Top or Bicycle tour. Where you can see the most exited places in your lifetimes.

Kayaking + ATV

Kayaking + ATV activities

Kayaking + Tree Top

Kayaking + Tree Top activities

Kayaking + Bicycle Tour

Kayaking + Bicycle Tour

“”Travel is the frivolous part of serious lives, and the serious part of frivolous ones. -Anne Sophie



Tiger Temple Krabi in Thai is pronounced Wat Tum Sua (also called, “Wat Tham Suea”) is one of the most fun things to do in Krabi.

The front view of the temple

Tiger Cave or Wat Tham Sua is one of Krabi’s most religious and spriritual sites and also a popular tourist attraction.

From the top view

An important centre for meditation, Wat Tham Sua offers a restful,quite, relaxing and calm atmosphere coupled with beautiful scenery and stunning panoramic views of the sea and surrounding areas.

Wow amazing scenery isn’t ?

You can see the style of the temple is very recent (1971) and perched on a small hill. It has a huge Buddha covered with gold mosaics and a chedi that you can seen from far away.

Another view

“God are not present in Idol. Your feelings are your God. The soul is your temple.”




Koh Lao Liang island is a small island 20 kilometers offshore in the Koh Petra Marine Park, in Trang Province, Thailand.

View from the top

Its breath-taking beauty and serenity make it one of the best places in Thailand, if not the whole world, to leave the cares of modern living behind.Koh Lao Liang combines peace and relaxation with world-class adventure sports.Koh Lao Liang is an eco-resort – no trees were cut down and almost no concrete was used in the resort’s construction. The stunning scenery has been preserved intact, to spell-binding effect.

(The Tour Package)

View from the beach

Koh Lao Liang combines peace and relaxation with adventure sports.

Mountain Climbing
The beautiful mother nature of the island.

Koh Lao Liang is an peaceful and blissful paradise island with towering limestone cliffs, quiet beaches, squeaky-clean sand and crystal-clear waters.

White sand beach and the turqoise water makes the scenery more beautiful.

The powder sands of the beach  makes up for it with untamed swathes of mangrove and a low-key vibe seldom found on more frequented shores.

(The Tour Package)

Lao liang nong by long tail boat

There will be a trip by long tail boat to explore Ko takiang and see toae (table ) and khao kwang coral reef.

Explore the world’s best places to snorkel and encounter coral reefs, marine cultures and  under water life.

Beautiful marine culture

“The Traveller Has Reach The End of The Journey”



Coming to Krabi without any tour in 4 islands is not a complete vacation. 4 island in 1 trip is remarkable. You will have the chance to explore the best of these island in Krabi.

Koh Gai, known as “Chicken Island”because of the shape of the islandlooks like a chicken.
Koh Gai Island
Koh Poda Island
View from Koh Poda

Krabi Province includes 86,500 hectares of forest, which covers 18 percent of its total area. The province is characterized by dense mangrove forests where it faces the Andaman Sea, and 154 islands of varying size are scattered in the area.

Mu Koh Poda or Poda Group Islands is located in the west of Ao Nang. For a long time, these islands of Krabi sea namely Poda Island, Chicken Head Island (Koh Kai), Thab Island & Mo Island have been so popular for both Thai and Farangs (Foreigners).

The beautiful white sandy beach on the north of Koh Poda is fascinatingly with its powdery fine sand beach and emerald blue sea water.

Koh Jum or Koh Phu is a small island situated between Koh Lanta and Krabi town. Whilst the southern end of the island is known as Koh Jum (Jum Island), the northern part bears the entirely different name Koh Phu (Phu Island).


Come and join us in this tour! Four island within 1 holiday is very extra excitements! Take it or leave it!


Phi Phi Island

The Phi Phi Islands are an island group in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the west Strait of Malacca coast of the mainland. The islands are administratively part of Krabi province.

The exotic Phi Phi Island lies off the coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.

Phi Phi Islands are famous for its limestone cliffs rising sheer out of the emerald green waters, white powdery beaches and its many coral reefs offering great diving and snorkeling.

Beautiful coral reefs
Loh Samah Bay

All Phi Phi Island tours will take you for great sightseeing, swimming and snorkeling at Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove, Viking Cave and Monkey Beach.

Snorkeling at Maya Bay
Viking Cave

Viking Cave is one of the most remarkeble and outstanding sites on Koh Phi Phi Leh or Phi Phi Island.

Monkey Bay

Monkey Beach is located in Yong Kasem Bay; on the west coast of the larger Island of Phi Phi Don.

Dont to forget the Tiger Cave Temple & visit Thai Buddhists Temple & Chinese Temple.

Tiger Temple
Thailand Buddist Temple
Thailand Buddist Temple
Tiger Cave Temple
Tiger Temple

“If you want to know a country, read its writers.”