5 Places You Should Enjoy in South Korea

5 Places You Should Enjoy in South Korea
South Korea is an independent state in East Asia. It is a house of numerous ancient destinations, castles, grand posts, aged sanctums, national parks, social towns, cascades, green valleys and, brilliant shorelines and islands. Korea has such a great amount to offer to tourists that is why a large number of travelers from diverse parts of the world. South Korea is one of the less visited nations in East Asia, yet brags the absolute most charming history and society in the landmass, and stunning landscape. Not overlooking the pleasant Korean individuals, who are certain to become friends with the people who come here. Giving a magnificent difference of old and new, South Korea has a lot of things to enjoy and following 5 places that must not be missed while going to Korea. Book your Korea tour package in advance from D Asia Travels and enjoy the following attractions.

Visit the prehistoric capital of Gyeongju
As the capital of the longest surviving empire ever, an excursion to uncover the historical backdrop of South Korea wouldn’t be finished without a visit to the prehistoric capital of Gyeongju. Here, you’ll discover what is frequently alluded to as a ‘living gallery’, with numerous parts of the city assigned as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace
Said to be the most fabulous of all the five castles constructed by the Joseon Dynasty, the lovely Gyeongbokgung Palace is relevantly named ‘Extraordinarily Blessed by Heaven’. Over the long haul, the castle which was initially constructed in 1395 has been restored more than once, because of harm brought on by flames and battle. Then again, on a visit, today around forty percent of the first royal residence structures are still noticeable and are a superb approach to find the history and society of South Korea.

Enjoy a bullet train ride
You can enjoy a bullet train ride that is included in 1dasia.com’s Korea tour package. As opposed to the antiquated structures specified above, riding one of the high-velocity bullet trains gives an extraordinary pleasure into the modern life of South Korea. Get on one of the trains in the capital city of Seoul, the beginning stage of the Gyeongbu Line and go to the urban city of Busan. Taking only 2 hours to arrive at Busan, the train will achieve velocities up to 177 mph.

Enjoy at Mount Gaya National Park
www.dasiatravels.com’s Korea tour package provides you the facility to enjoy Mount Gaya National Park too.  This National Park is additionally home to popular sanctuaries, Korea’s most elevated top, and a standing Buddha cut into a rock face. This remote area of South Korea has been to a great extent unscathed by the Korean wars, and its undamaged excellence is generally increased in value by those who come and visit. You’ll discover basin upon the valley, together with the Hongryudong valley, which has red water because of the impression of the red foliage.

Rest on Haeundae shoreline
Viewed as the best shoreline in South Korea, Haeundae shoreline is famous with travelers and draws in a huge number of guests amid the late spring months. Disregarded by tall structures, the shoreline is shockingly clean, and hosts a lot of energizing occasions as the year progressed. The shoreline is especially known for its a huge number of parasols which cover the shoreline amid occupied periods and has pleasant white sand which is made out of shells that have characteristically dissolved.

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