Do you believe in dreams? There is a beautiful saying which says, Dream it!! Wish it!! Do it!! That is what the Maldives water villa is all about. Visiting this beautiful destination is definitely like a dream come true. Even though there are no multi-interests to look forward, the just one attribute it offers and gives the visitor the maximum – an experience that one can only dream.

History of Maldive Island

Tourism began in the Maldives in the year 1972. Surprisingly in the year 1960. The United Nations visited the country with plans for development and decided that it was not suitable for tourism. They stated that the islands were not up to the required standard. In contrary, since its inception in 1972, the country is booming with Tourism. Today, their primary revenue is from this sector. Even employment is offered to both local and international citizens with a high percentage of foreign currency earnings.

The Maldives is made up of almost 1190 islands located in the Indian Ocean – on the southwest of India and the west of Sri Lanka.  Only about 200 islands have inhabitants, totaling about a population of 300,000. About 100 of the islands have been developed as hotels and resorts to meet the standards of high-end tourist expectations.

Geography and Climate

The islands in the Maldives is all flat land. There are no hills but mostly filled with coral sand. There are no rivers, but you may find some marshes on some of the islands. The country enjoys tropical weather right throughout the year, with plenty of sunshine which is one of the greatest attractions to tourism. However, the state has two seasons – the dry season and the rainy season which is from April to October. There can be heavy rains from June – August

The Beauty

The Maldive Islands is also called the “The Tropical Paradise.” The beauty of these islands surrounded by the sea, and covered with pristine white sands is beyond what words can explain. Visiting the Maldives water villa and enjoying all that it has offerred is a lovely and memorable experience.

In the study of tourism, one of the main attractions is the 3Ss – Sun, Sand, and Sea. If there is one location where a tourist can enjoy its maximum beauty, it is the Maldive Islands. The sea covers 99% of the island. It is this that brings out the beauty of the country and Maldives water villa – natural beauty. There is said to be over 2000 species of fish of various kinds. The colors of these beauties and swimming aimlessly in the clear blue waters are mesmerizing. One has to see to believe!! For this reason, diving in the Maldives island memorable in your lifelong is said to be a dream come true.

Apart from diving and enjoying the underwater beauty, visitors can relish the pristine white sandy beaches of the Maldives water villa. Coconut trees found in plenty in here. It is a plant that grows well in tropical conditions. These trees enhance the beauty and ambiance of the island. One would find mostly shrubs, bushes and mangroves on the uninhabited islands.

The most common birds on these islands are mainly pelagic birds since it is mainly ocean. Some of them are migratory. The islands don’t attract many varieties because of the limited resources it has to offer.

Hospitality of Maldives Water Villa

The resorts and the hotels on the islands offer the best services for visitors. An exclusive hotel located on one whole island. Thus the population of the island consists of only tourists and the employees. The resorts come with all of the up-market quality and they include everything that for a vacation. The fact that tourists will stay their whole vacation on the island, the hotels make sure that nothing is left out. Hotel animation is at its maximum. A visitor will never be bored as there is so much to divulge. Indoor and outdoor games, discos, bars, lounges, coffee shops, restaurants serving various cuisines, diving schools, and much more.

The suites and rooms of these hotels and resorts offer the most outstanding views at Maldives water villa. Waking up to such an amazing scenic beauty is a dream. For those who would like to enjoy some adventure, the hotels offer seaplane rides to other islands. Some even provide a picnic day out which enhances the experience of the vacation.

The Maldive Islands is a popular choice of destination for honeymooners. They offers excellent services to make this event a memorable, once in a lifetime happening. Candlelight dinner is arranged by beaches or in the gardens of the hotel. Its romanticizing effects of dining under the stars, listening to the lapping sounds of the waves and maybe some soft music played in the background, makes it a beautiful event for honeymooners.

Some Interesting Facts

  • One particular island called Dusit Thani Maldives features something exciting. During a specific time of the year, in the night, the beach around this island comes alight. It is a beautiful sight. It gives the effect of the starry sky against the waves of the sea. Some quote it as an unforgettable experience. If any visitor wishes to be a part of this spectacle, it is best they contact the hotel and get the correct timings.
  • Something interesting is that the drinking water in the Maldive Islands is recycled, treated and produced using a unique process which makes it perfect for drinking.
  • Resorts built above the sea floor, such as the overwater villas. Visitors can go snorkeling under the resort to enjoy the beauty of sea life. Some Maldives islands are concave, and this is something unique to snorkel underneath the island to view the layers of coral shelves.

In a nutshell, we can sum up the Maldive Islands with the 3 Es which was the topic of this article – Enjoy!! Experience!! Ecstasy!!

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