Sri Lanka Tour Packages & Ground Arrangement By D Asia Travels

Sri Lanka Tour Packages & Ground Arrangement

This beautiful island in the Indian Ocean is also called the “Island of Serendipity”. To make it simple the meaning of Serendipity is, “something unplanned but was a fortunate discovery. For the traveller who does not plan too much, takes an instant decision on the choice of a destination and is happy with the discovery – SRI LANKA!! Tour Operators have taken an effort to put together elaborate itineraries that will include the best in a tour of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has so much to offer to visitors coming to visit this beautiful island. The country is rich in its history; a total of 181 kings ruled the country from different locations. The country was also invaded by the Portuguese, Dutch and British beginning from the 16th century. Influences of these rules still remain in the country. Sri Lanka is proud to still preserve its historical cities, which are popular destinations cities on every itinerary on a Sri Lanka tour.

Tours will include visits to many other cities in the island. Kandy is another popular destination with places of interest such as the Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha, the Royal Botanical Gardens and many other temples of the ancient era. Watching the famous cultural dances in the evening is exciting as it shows the rich traditions of the country.

Amongst all these attractions, the most popular are the beaches of Sri Lanka. The island is proud to have some beautiful beaches, especially on the Southern and Eastern coasts. Some of these coastal areas are especially known for water sports and these locations tend to become extremely busy during the season.

Visits to wildlife sanctuaries, tea plantations and tea factories, elephant orphanages, taking scenic train rides and last but not least, shopping are some of the many interests found on tour itineraries.