About Us

D Asia is a travel company that possesses Malaysia tour operators and organizes tours for couples, friends, and families. Since our company founded, on September 9, 2009, we have been providing peoples a quality travels and journey around the world. We have specialized Honeymoon packages for the couples to make their vacation worthy. Our company is Malaysian based, and we set tours to Asia, Australia, Middle East and Malaysia itself. We also offer various Europe destination to spend a quality vacation. Our travel company, D Asia is IATA (International Air Transport Association) authorized and MATTA member, with a legal framework. We have Travel agents all around these destinations, which can provide your assistance.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Effective and Efficient Service
We have met the expectations of our customers in the past, and they always choose us on others. We offer a friendly and cooperative service. Company Managing Director Ms. Anezah Ikbaa also targets the customer service and build quality work relations with the customers. Our Expert Travel agents team takes a very thoughtful approach to plan the vacation. The Travel agents are passionate, honest, an expert in the field of work. They are also familiar with the places around. Our primary focus is to provide the best quality service and a tour that will embed in your memory lane.

We value your Time and Money
We have best deals for our clients with affordable packages. We ensure our customers that they will get the pleasure of the tour that they demanded. Your time is also precious to us. It is our priority to spend most of the trip in the attractive, historical and delightful places. We have an expert team of Travel agents, that plans the destinations according to the requirement of our customers. So, we value your time and money to be spent in the right place.

Historic and Romantic Destinations
Our honeymoon destinations are a unique combination of intimate and Historic locations. These destinations can add an extra flavor to your remarkable tour. You will feel filled with pleasure and joy of the history and enjoy the romantic sea views, sunset locations, and Yacht cursing journeys. Our Honeymoon packages are very premium to ensure that you can spend quality time with your soulmate.

You can contact us in multiple ways. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, you can visit our office to gather the information about our honeymoon destinations or any tour. We have a properly developed website, where you can compare our packages and choose a suitable one. You can call us on our local landline number, and our Travel agent will help you in any possible way.

Explore Malaysia with us
We have various packages for our customers to explore the beauty of Malaysia. We offer Pulau Langkawi historic island tour, Genting Highland theme park, golf course and casino Tours with a Las Vegas-style entertainment packages, A full day yacht adventure which tours through mangroves. The tour of Kuala Lumpur city Honeymoon Package and many more destinations are also the primary sources of attraction.

Signature honeymoon Destinations
Our company has a vast experience to plan Honeymoon packages. This type of travel is experienced once in the lifetime, by the couple. So, we have excellent Honeymoon packages for our customer. The Honeymoon destinations are Maldives, Bali, Kerala, Boracay, Phuket, and Krabi. All these destinations enrich with the natural beauty of Seaview and a peaceful environment. The tour has a package of 4-5 days. We offer a luxury villa for the residence, trips to various places and sunset views, historic buildings, markets, and romantic dinners. You can find more on our website and choose a suitable location to visit. The agents would be there to assist and guide you. We guarantee our customers that they will fell the pure nostalgia, whenever they will think about that tour.

Leadership Responsibility
We take the full responsibility to guide our clients appropriately. We have Travel agents all around the destinations, and you can explore more with them. They will guide you in all possible ways, and they will keep you posted with the place that you visit.

You can contact us on our website or give us a call. Our Travel agents are always ready to assist you. You can take our contact information on our site.