2D1N Fireflies Tours Kuala Selangor

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2D1N Fireflies Tour Kuala Selangor ex Kuala Lumpur  Our fleet of modern fiberglass boats are electrically powered, ensuring absolutely no noise and air pollution. The toneless, powerful boat, which delivered...
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2D1N Fireflies Tour Kuala Selangor ex Kuala Lumpur 

Our fleet of modern fiberglass boats are electrically powered, ensuring absolutely no noise and air pollution. The toneless, powerful boat, which delivered the passenger to the heart of the river, roared in the flimsy voice, for fear that she would wake up the deeply asleep night and those fireflies Tour Kuala Selangor were enjoying a Ex Kuala Lumpur sightseeing Tour in the silence.

Watching fireflies Tour has become a major attraction for the district of Kuala Selangor where draws large number of tourists from all over the world. In fact, it has been listed as a “must-see” agenda in numerous international tour guides. Every night there is a stream of electric driven motor boat that ferry sight-seeing tourists up along the Fireflies Kuala Selangor Tour River silently to listen to the spectacular symphonic harmony of these fireflies while viewing their luminous flashes of light that is truly a magnificent sight to the eyes of the beholder.

Why Flashing Fireflies “cold light’ is made by a process known as bioluminescence or chemiluniscence, in which a substance called luciferin comes in contact with enzyme luciferase and oxygen. As air rushed into the abdomen, it reacts with this compound and a chemical reaction gives off the familiar glow of a firefly. Fireflies can regulate the airflow into the abdomen to create a pulsating pattern.

Fireflies are alone among bioluminescent insects because they can flash; other glow constantly. The process emission of the light from living things, without significant heat sometimes called “cols light”. Bioluminescence is found in species of bacteria, male and female of fireflies are used as species- specific signals for mating. The light stick has two separate compartments with two chemicals join together. As molecules from the different chemical bind to each other they give a kick of energy to some of the electrons.

But electrons never hold on to extra energy for long. That molecule then needs to get rid of its energy in some way. It can sometimes do it by colliding with other molecules and losing it through collisions, but arrange system in a careful way, the excited product might have no other way to excite except by physically releasing the energy as photons and the photon comes out as a fire of light and we see that as the burst given off by a firefly.

We know how fireflies flashed is because of biomechanics, but we did not know why they flashed. Though both males and female flash, it’s the male who make pattern in the air- female are either short- winged and stationery’ attached to the tips of plant stems or laves as they carry on a flirty dialogue with roving males, trying to draw them in to mate.

While each firefly species has its own pattern of flashing, some female imitate the patterns of other species. Males land next to them only to be eaten alive. So keep in mind that its flickering isn’t just a wonder of the night, it’s also a language of love. Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur Sightseeing Tour Is the only place in this region where you can witness the sight of millions of fireflies flashing in synchrony, often referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”.

It is one of the must visit place of interest (POI) in Malaysia. You will be taken on a boat ride along the Selangor River where the fireflies inhibit around the branches of the “Berembang” trees along the riverbank. Here, up to thousands of fireflies may group together on a tree, beginning their display about one hour after sunset. A really bright display lasts for about two to three hours, continuing at lower levels until dawn.


  • Minimum 2 persons.
  • Please bring along insect repellent.
  • Hotel pick-ups are for city center hotels only. For pick-ups outside of city center, additional fees will apply.
  • Children below 2 years old are free of charge.
  • Other languages are available on request with additional charge.
  • For more than 7 pax, professional English Speaking Guide will be assigned

Package Inclusive :

  • Driver cum Guide (English Speaking)
  • Tour as per itinerary

Package Exclude :

  • Tips and gratuities
  • Personal expenses
  • Entrance Fee /Optional Activity
2D1N Fireflies Tours Kuala Selangor
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