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Fantasy Island of Indonesia

The Fantasy Island of Indonesia- Bali

Bali – Before Travel You Need to Know About The Fantasy Island of Indonesia

 Bali Introduction
Bali is a beautiful island by itself. It is now a popular tourist destination. This fantasy island of Indonesia takes pride in its amazing attractions, places
to visit and things to do. It is has been named as the world’s top destination. Tour operators take great efforts to combine interesting and thrilling excursions so that visitors will enjoy every moment of their Bali Tour.

Take time to browse through our exciting and stimulating itineraries which offer an unforgettable tour of this fantasy island of Indonesia- Bali. These itineraries are designed carefully to offer different types of activities. These activities will include sight-seeing, excursions, entertainment, relaxation and much more. Tour operators will include the information given below in their meticulously planned “Top Best Bali Tours.”

Places of Interest to visit in The Fantasy Island of Indonesia- Bali

Tanah Lot Temple

Fantasy Island of Indonesia

One of the reasons Bali is so popular is because of this wonderful spectacle – the Tanah Lot Temple. This temple is situated in the sea. Its magnificence is enhanced by the scenic beauty of the ocean. This ancient Hindu temple is situated on top of a rock and it is a “must see” in a Bali Tour. The surrounding area of the Temple has resting places to enjoy the views and to allow this amazing scenery to sink in, restaurants, shops selling artefact and much more.


Besakih Temple

Fantasy Island of IndonesiaThe Besakih Temple, another Hindu Temple is located on the slopes of Mount Agung, on a height of 1000 meters. The temple is also known as the ‘Mother Temple’ of Bali. It is unique as it has about 86 temples in the complex. Besakih Temple is regarded as the biggest and holiest temples in Bali. A beautiful scenery of lush paddy fields, streams, hills and mountains inspires tour operators to add this place of interest in a Bali Tour so that visitors will not miss this important place of interest.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Fantasy Island of Indonesia

Udub Monkey Forest which is also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal. It is a location which is used for scientific research. It is the sanctuary for the grey long-tailed macaques. The walk through this forest, mingling with the friendly, playful monkeys who look out for a banana treat is cool and comforting. An interesting attraction of the forest are the beautiful ancient temples and their guardian statues which are mostly covered with moss. That’s why; there is something wonderful to see at this place. A day trip to Udub and its attractions should not be missed on the tour of this fantasy island of Indonesia (Bali). 


Uluwatu Temple

Fantasy Island of Indonesia

Another of Bali’s important sea temples, which is located right on a cliff edge of the southwestern part of the Bukit peninsula. A visit to this temple in the evening will be the best choice to watch the sunset which changes the entire ambiance of the temple’s setting. Thereafter, visitors can enjoy beautiful the Kecak fire dances at the open amphitheatre. A splendid way to end a day in Bali which can be found in many Bali tour itineraries.

Taman Ayun

Fantasy Island of IndonesiaThe Taman Ayun temple is located in the village of Mengwi Badung. This is another popular temple and most visited on a Bali Tour. It is very large, featuring large landscapes of gardens and beautiful water features. The temple has four divisions, all different to each other, and it boasts of beautiful traditional architectural inspirations.


Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Fantasy Island of Indonesia A visit to the rice terraces of Tegallalang on the trip of Ubud is also very interesting. The stretches of paddy growing on the slopes are noteworthy. Rice is considered as a staple diet in many countries and not many visitors have an opportunity to see how it is grown. To have this included in an itinerary on a Bali Tour is very educational, especially for children. Tour operators can conveniently add it into the day trip to Ubud.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Fantasy Island of Indonesia For the lovers of animals, tour operators would want to include this place of interest into the Bali tour itineraries. This is Bali’s largest animal theme park, home to over 60 different species of animals. They are seen to roam freely in large enclosures to depict their natural habitats. The park has about 40 hectares of land. The marine park has a large aquarium which is home to baby sharks. Visitors are found travelling with children. You will enjoy this place of interest.


Things to Do in The Fantasy Island of Indonesia-Bali


Beaches of Bali

Bali is the destination where visitors can enjoy all the ‘Ss’ in Tourism – sun, sea, sand, soak, and surf. It is a must to have a few days by the beach on a Bali Tour (The Fantasy Island of Indonesia). Visitors should not miss the beach excitement as well as the “life after sunset” on the coastal towns of Bali. Tour operators very generously offer days and time for visitors to enjoy all the beach activities on their Bali tour.

Trek to Mount Batur

Adventure lovers would enjoy the trek to Mount Batur to watch the sunrise. It is a volcanic mountain and has turned out to be a popular activity for climbers.

Whitewater rafting on the Ayung River

Bali is very popular for water sports. Amongst the many different sports, an exciting trip on the Ayung River. It will be something never to forget for water sports lovers. The ride is wild because of the strong rapids. An added attraction is the beautiful sights along the ride. Many itineraries cover this activity too.

Nightlife in Bali

After sunset, nightlife takes over in Bali, catering to a wide range of choices for visitors offering a variety of styles and budgets. Visitors can choose what they savour. The beaches become a hive of activity at sunset with exciting beach clubs where visitors can chill-out into the wee hours of the night. Live DJs, theatre shows, thrilling dinner cruises, rooftop bars are some the electrifying events in the nightlife of Bali.



Bali is a shopping paradise, taking pride in promoting their authentic artefacts which are renowned worldwide. Some of them are various types of handicrafts, antiques, daintily designed carved jewellery, unique homeware, wooden sculptures and so much more. Souvenirs from Bali can be recognized all over the world for its uniqueness. The island is also famous for hand-woven and dyed fabrics. Never will one find a visitor who will leave this fantasy island of Indonesia without some beautiful souvenirs or fabric.

The above is just a gist of Bali. The places of interest and thing to do are listless. Many Tour & Travel companies offer a bid range of itineraries for Bali Tours that include all that Bali offers.

Thus, quite rightly, Bali is called the Island of Gods.

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